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2015 Colorado/Canyon
box delete flat deck only w/factory
Colorado box removal
with factory rear bumper.box delete with factory bumper

GM DEALERS can take advantage of Ship Through or we can arrange to work with your local upfitter.
Ship through for the Colorado/Canyon;
GM is only offering the ZW9 box delete on the 2WD extra cab with V-6 engine, however, box removal by the upfitter is also available on ship through now. What this means is, we can arrange for a Ute Bed upfit and re-entry into GM freight for any model Colorado/Canyon, including 4x4 models.
Contact Ute Ltd for details.
Ship through for the Silverado/Sierra;
Contact Ute Ltd for details.
The new release of the Colorado/Canyon (ZW9) box delete is official as of May 27, 2016. (Click here for related story)
ZW9 dealer brochure (click here)
contact Ute Ltd for variations of this brochure or to have personalized for your dealership.

Mid-Size ZW9 upfit with ICC bumper and rear cover plate

Colorado and Canyon (ZW9) box delete
GM DEALERS can take advantage of Ship Through for the ZW9 2WD box delete chassis or we can arrange to work with your local upfitter on any 2WD or 4WD box removal.
Ship through for the Colorado/Canyon; Can be arranged through our affiliates near the Wentzville, MO factory Please contact Ute Ltd for ship through code and pricing.

Siverado/Sierra upfits

GM Dealers;

If you have specific questions about UteBed's and options, please don't hesitate calling us direct at the number at the bottom of this page or email us at dlr@uteltd.com

Best of luck with your New Truck Sales.
Randy Cryer, President, Ute Ltd

Sales Brochures and Posters links;
GM Ute Bed brochures, for printing or email the link to your customers;
(click on the links below)


GM Ute Bed Brochure in color
Same poster in Black and White

Large Format Posters for your sales office;

(Warning; these can take a few minutes to download.
They are BIG files.)

GMC Sierra 16x20 poster (6.5MB tiff)

Chevy Silverado 16x20 poster (6.5MB tiff)

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