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2015 Colorado/Canyon
box delete flat deck only w/factory
Colorado box removal
with OEM rear bumper.box delete with factory bumper

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ship through ordering process;

  • Order truck/chassis through your GM OrderWORKBENCH
    • Use ship through code TBQ to route truck through Auto Truck Group O'Fallon, MO (St Louis)
  • Fill out Ute Bed Purchase Order Form. (click here for the form) Please call Ute Ltd if you have any questions about options.
    • Be sure to fill in all Dealer information in the lower left box and sign.
    • Check boxes indicating order preferences.
      • For Box Removals, the factory bumper will stay, unless you indicate replacing it with the ICC bumper package.
  • Print or pdf copy of the GM Workbench Order along with the Ute Bed order form and fax or email all pages (~3 pages) to Ute Ltd
Ute Ltd will confirm within two days. If you do not hear from Ute, please call to verify order has not been lost in cyberspace. (all contact information is on the Ute Bed order form)
Clickable order form (541K)
Write in order form (41.K)
Questions; 1-866-883-2337

Mid-Size ZW9 upfit with ICC bumper and rear cover plate
Brochure links;
Call toll-free 1-TON-UTE-BEDS or 1-866-883-2337


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