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Colorado Ute Top; click to enlarge.

The Ute®Top Utility Canopy for the Ute®Bed
The perfect utility combination for many tradesmen or delivery applications.

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GM Colorado / Canyon

Ute®Ltd, working with A.R.E, produces a utility canopy that works with our aluminum flat beds. It is shown here mounted on a Colorado/Canyon Ute Bed. The Ute®Bed's sides are removed for ease of access and to save weight.

All three sides open for easy access to any point of the 6 foot by 7-1/2 foot bed. Doors all have stainless locking handles and gas struts and can be keyed to match your truck's keys. Windows, ladder racks, shelves, bins and tie-down tracks can all be added as options - the perfect utility combination for many tradesmen or delivery applications -- electricians, plumbers, glass installers, pest control, auto parts delivery, just to name a few. No need to go through the tailgate to access large items such as generators, welders or large packages. Heavy items can be loaded behind the cab just as easily as through the rear.

Compare the UteTop® to small or large van.  There is a significant gain in storage width, as the UteTop® and UteBed® are located above the wheel wells. Access to the UteTop® is available from 3 sides, rather than just the back of the van or small side doors.

Consider adding an under-body tool drawer (see Accessories Slide Show). This fills the area behind the license plate and provides a SECURE storage area for smaller items such as wire spools and flat toolboxes. It has a usable space of about 5 or 6 feet in length by about 2 feet wide and just over 4 inches deep.

More photos of the Ute Top® and the Astrovan comparison can be viewed on the Accessories Slide Show.

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