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Jack the Cattle Dog

"Ute" - Australian for pick-up truck...

The table below outlines a series of slide shows demonstrating
UteLtd® products.

Slide shows marked with an asterisk (*) are created in PowerPoint and can be downloaded in PDF format.

(23 slides)

View ladder rack, trundle drawer, underbody tool box, UteTop® (comparison with Astrovan), light protectors, steps, ramps, tool boxes, stake sides and mesh sides.

(60 slides)

60 ways to use your Ute®Bed and accessories

2008 Ute Bed

27 views of our 2008 Ute®Bed models

Large Beds*

Ute®Bed will fit most large sized single rear wheel pick-up trucks. Features Ute®Bed installed on a Ford SuperDuty F250 and a Chevy Silverado HD.
PDF format / File size = 3.7 MB

Ute Beds*

Ute®Bed will fit most single rear wheel pick-up trucks. General Ute®Beds slide show presented at the SEMA show.
PDF format / File size = 1.5 MB


See Accessories slide show

Old Truck, New Bed

You won't believe the difference a new Ute®Bed can make to an old favorite truck with a rusty old bed.
Coming soon

Smaller Truck, Bigger Payback*

PDF format. Features the GM Colorado / Canyon + Ute®Bed combination (also available in DVD/video)
PDF format / File size = 3.6 MB

Jack (4 slides)

Our favorite cattle dog

Girls Love Ute Beds!

Ute Bed's flat deck and drop-down sides make it a favorite with the ladies!
Coming soon


Although our BullBars are discontinued as of 2006, this slide show demonstrates the features of this superior bumper replacement system.
We have no Bullbars TM in production at this time.
PDF format / File size = 472 KB

Ute products are now distributed all over the US and Canada.
For a list of dealers, click here.

Call toll-free 1-TON-UTE-BEDS or 1-866-883-2337


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