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Australians have a way with language. They don’t talk about a Catalog.  They call it a “Cattle Dog.” So when we published our Catalog we thought it only right to put Jack, our favorite Australian Cattle Dog, on the cover.  Jack has become an icon in our corporate culture and we are all animal lovers around here!

Click here to view the Ute “Cattle-Dog.”  BullBars, while discontinued, are still available in some categories (PDF format - file size 2.8 MB)Click here for the latest on our BullBar inventory.

And oh yes, dog lovers should click here to view Jack.

Ute products are now distributed all over the US and Canada.
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If you would like to learn more about Ute products, or are interested in becoming a dealer, please click here.

Call toll-free 1-TON-UTE-BEDS or 1-866-883-2337


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