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"Ute" - Australian for pick-up truck...

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Our favorite photos of UteLtd® products.

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Large Ute®Bed fitted on Chevy Silverado.
Photo taken at Monument Valley, AZ

Chevy Colorado with Ute®Bed - smaller truck, bigger payback

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Large ATV in a UteBed® fitted on a Chevy Colorado

Overhead view of large bed fitted on a Ford F250 SuperDuty pick-up truck.

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Loading an ATV on a short UteBed®

The Chevy Silverado BullBar - limited number still available - will deflect a deer at 80 mph and protect your vehicle's front end. See BullBar

Girls love Ute®Beds!

The Ute®Bed's drop down sides, numerous tie-down points, and increased load area make it easy to load.

The UteTop® / UteBed® plus Trundle Drawer make this Toyota pick-up conversion a great camping vehicle.

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This Chevy Colorado and Ute®Bed is loaded with crates. Increased load area enables greater load capacity.

Two Ute®Beds back to back provided us with a great stage for a live music performance.

Ute®Beds fit most single rear wheel pick-up trucks.

Ladder rack featured on a short bed on a Nissan Frontier.

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Loading an ATV onto a mid-sized Ute®Bed fitted on a Ford Ranger.

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Ute®Beds are incredibly strong. Their extruded aluminum decking is load rated to 5,000 lbs on the small-mid sized beds, and 8,000 pounds on the full-sized beds.

The UteTop® shown with doors closed, and three doors open.

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Compare UteTop®'s capacity and accessibility to that of the Astrovan.

Stake Sides version of a Ute®Bed, shown on a Chevy Colorado.

Mesh Sides version of a Ute®Bed, shown on a Toyota pick-up.

Jobox toolboxes fitted on a Ute®Bed.

Jobox toolboxes fitted on a Ute®Bed.

Ute's Underbody Toolbox fits under the bed on a Colorado / Canyon and includes a 6' wide box for longer tools.

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Breathe new life into an old truck. Replace that old rusted bed with a shiny aluminum Ute®Bed!

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How to lie in your Ute® Bed.

How to ride in your Ute® Bed.

Ute products are now distributed all over the US and Canada.
For a list of dealers, click here.

Call toll-free 1-TON-UTE-BEDS or 1-866-883-2337


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