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Randy Cryer, president

Crazy about golf, Randy has a diverse background in the automotive industry, meteorology, and all things technical. There doesn't seem to be many household items that Randy can't reverse-engineer. A proud grandfather, Randy adores children and enjoys travel, golf and volleyball. A country music afficionado, he loves to sing, and doesn't do a bad Frank Sinatra imitation either! Randy is a charter member of the Fremont Fun Club, the first Rotary club to be founded in the new millenium.

Curt Cryer, vice-president

An outdoor enthusiast, Curt has spent many years leading boy scouts around the Oregon Cascades, has been involved in youth soccer and is an avid cyclist, competing in some grueling courses. An electrical engineer and devoted grandfather to Emily and Eva, Curt stays busily involved with his extended family. Both Curt's sons have served in Iraq.

Bronwyn Edwards, marketing director

Bron runs her own multi-media communications business, SirenSong Productions, but also helps to manage the promotional materials for Ute, including video editing, songwriting (What's Your Pick-up Line?) trade show displays and new website development.
Bron teaches music and mentors kids, and performs regularly in the Puget Sound region. A singer-songwriter, she has released 4 CDs of her own.

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