"Ute" - Australian for pick-up truck...

The Ute Elephant serves as a visual reminder of the strength of the UteBed® or UteTray®

(OK, he isn't really standing on our bed - we just gave your imagination a kick-start!)

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Ute®Beds for large pick-up trucks are load-rated to 8,000 lbs (4-ton).  Beds for small to medium sized pick-up trucks are load-rated to 5,000 lbs (2.5 ton).  In fact, the beds can probably carry more load than the truck is designed to hold.  The aircraft grade T-6 extruded aluminum gives the bed its superior strength.


When using drop-sides to tie down loads, the sides act like a big spring in tension.
Aircraft grade T-6 aluminum returns to its original shape after being stressed.

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Ute products are now distributed all over the US and Canada.
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