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Ute Ltd Newsletter Volume 2-1 January 14, 2008

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Happy New Year from Ute Ltd®!

While you may be done getting loaded with Holiday Cheer, your durable, shiny new Ute Bed is always ready to get loaded - year round – with unlimited uses. Click here for 60 ways to put your Ute Bed to work for you. 

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Check out our new 2008 Long Bed for the small to mid-sized truck.

(fits Chevy Colorado and Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, etc)

 The new long bed deck measures 6’0” wide and 7’6” long, and has more configurations available:

  • Upgrade to premium headboard and tube side steps

  • 12” high sides; or

  • 9” high sides; or

  • “No sides” option if you prefer a flat bed only.

  • Satin finish T-6 aircraft grade extruded aluminum decking is lightweight but strong. Ute Beds for medium-sized pickups are 5,000 lb load-rated.

Click here for photographs and more information on our website. 

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Ute Top® canopy from A.R.E. is available for the new long bed.

Our versatile 3-door A.R.E. Ute Top is available for the new long bed – with additional height (and more capacity) it now measures 36” above the deck. (It used to be 34”.)  With the new Ute Top and the new Ute bed models, it is no longer necessary to remove the headboard.  Click here for website slide show.

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New pricing effective as of December 27, 2007.

There has been a general price increase on all Ute Bed products. Our new price sheet is now available. It should be attached with this newsletter, however, if you didn’t receive it, please contact Ute Ltd for a current price sheet.

BullBarTM Liquidation and Scratch ' N ' Dent Sale

Ute BullBars are on liquidation pricing and there are still a few of those left in stock.  We have some prototype models, “bumper only” remnants, as well as some scratch and dent BullbarsTM in stock and now is your opportunity to get a great deal.  For those of you who might want to powder coat or paint your BullBarTM, or for customers that need them for industrial use and don’t care if there are some scratches or abrasions, these units provide a great opportunity to turn a nice profit.  In terms of strength and durability, even our slightly damaged BullBars will do a stellar job.  Email or call for availability.

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Customer loves his Ute

One of our Florida customers with a 2005 Chevy Colorado fitted with a Ute Bed uses his truck as a parts delivery truck for his wrecking yard business.  He had this to say about his Ute:

"We are the only ones around here with one of these trucks.  It's great!  We have over 90,000 miles on it [our truck] and it [the bed] still looks like new.  I will probably keep the bed and move it to the next truck we buy."

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Ute Elephant takes a hiatus

Speaking of large animals, we hope you enjoyed our Holiday Greeting Card featuring our Ute Elephant. A number of customers have inquired about the availability of the Ute Elephant for trade shows, private parties, etc.  He is currently enjoying a hiatus in Thailand but we hope to see him back soon for further demonstrations of the strength and durability of the Ute Bed, as well as promotional appearances for Ute Ltd.

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Tell us your Ute Bed story!

We encourage Ute Bed owners to share your experiences with our product. We would like to hear about the ways you are using your Ute Bed, and we appreciate any feedback, positive or negative. If you would like your business to be featured in an upcoming newsletter, please contact the Editor with story and photos.

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Need brochures, PowerPoint presentations and videos to help your sales?

Please contact us if you need more brochures (PDF print files), Powerpoint presentations or videos of our Ute Bed® product line on disk.

Ute Ltd®
PO Box 46457
Seattle, WA 98146
Order line 1-877-788-3583
PO Fax line 1-866-872-9222

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Coming soon in our next newsletter:

Ute Ltd® sponsors Pro Bull Rider
Introducing new roll-back covers for the Ute Bed
Hawaiians continue to be our best customers!

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